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How Steve Jobs made high prices seem low

Published by Ryan on
How Steve Jobs made high prices seem low Steve Jobs not only created great products. He also managed to charge exorbitant prices for them. While much attention has been given to Jobs's... Read More

How to sell your product via email (...and anticipate objections!)

Published by Ryan on
Do you email prospective customers about your product?Have you ever wondered what they’re thinking when they read your message?They’re thinking of reasons NOT to buy. They’re thinking: “It’s too expensive. How do I know that it will work? Maybe there’s a ... Read More

3 tricks to make your customers feel special using email

Published by Ryan on
Somebody who signed up for the SplashPad waitlist asked me, “How can I make each of my prospective customers feel special when I email them?”He understood that the only way to sell his product was to make each of his customers feel important and valued. But he couldn’t find the rig... Read More

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