Frequently asked questions

Is SplashPad for internal company email?

No. SplashPad helps you write emails that promote your offering to customers, users, subscribers, partners, and the media. It's not for internal emails amongst your team.

Does SplashPad encourage me to exaggerate?

No. SplashPad shows you which parts of each message you should customize so that you're truthful. For example, replace the word "[PRODUCT]" with your product name or "[100 units] left in stock" with the number of units that you have.

Is SplashPad for novice writers or experts?

Both! SplashPad is loved by non-native speakers who want to reach English-speaking customers as well as professional copywriters who want better results.

Is SplasPad an alternative to Gmail or email automation software?

No. SplashPad helps you find the right words for your message. When you're done composing your message in SplashPad, copy the message into Gmail, your preferred email client, or an email automation tool (such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, or Constant Contact) to send it.

Does SplashPad offer colorful html templates?

No. We believe that "what you write" is more important than "how it's formatted." That's why SplashPad focuses on helping you find the right words. If you want colorful html messages, we encourage you to draft your message with SplashPad and paste the result into an html email template tool.

How can I avoid sounding "spammy," "sales-y," or "annoying"?

SplashPad provides alternative ways of communicating the same message in the sidebar. Choose the options that make you feel comfortable.

Do I need to have cultivated an email list already?

No. SplashPad helps you with cold outreach to new prospects who have not provided their email to you. In addition, if you have an email list of subscribers, users, or customers, SplashPad helps you communicate with them as well.

How can I cancel?

If you're unhappy, you can cancel at any time. Once you create an account, click the Account icon > Subscription > Billing Portal > Cancel Plan. Or if you prefer, message us using the Contact Form with a request to cancel.