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SplashPad helps you use the marketing techniques that work for the big retailers.

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Sellers use SplashPad to...

Get emails opened with catchy subject lines

Showcase new SKUs

Offer seasonable discounts

Share updates to keep customers engaged

And more!

Why e-commerce sellers use SplashPad

Save time

Within minutes, create high quality promotional emails that get results.

Sell more merchandise

Use exclusive offers and promotional discounts to sell more inventory.

Describe your merchandise clearly

SplashPad helps you explain who it's for, why they need it, and how it works.

Establish your brand

SplashPad's sentence recommendations help you show what you stand for.

Save money

You don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an expert copywriter in order to get quality writing that get results.

Predict which SKUs customers want

Ask your readers for feedback so you can anticipate their needs.