3 tricks to make your customers feel special using email

3 tricks to make your customers feel special using email

Somebody who signed up for the SplashPad waitlist asked me, “How can I make each of my prospective customers feel special when I email them?”

He understood that the only way to sell his product was to make each of his customers feel important and valued. But he couldn’t find the right words.

These are 3 techniques that you can use to make your readers feel special.

1. Reference the reader’s words

Anything that the reader has publicly posted is fair game. For example write something like, “Regarding your last tweet: I also love mountain biking.”

2. Talk about what the reader can achieve, not what your product does

Consider these two sentences describing Instagram:

  1. “Instagram provides image filters that make photos look great.”
  2. “With Instagram, you can look amazing in photos by applying image filters.”

If you’re like me, you’re drawn to sentence 2. That’s because sentence 2 focuses on the reader’s achievement whereas sentence 1 is about Instagram’s achievement.

Make the reader the hero of his/her own story. Use words like “You can achieve”, “You can become”, “You can accomplish”, and “You can create.”

3. Use the reader’s name, a lot!

Dale Carnegie said that a person’s name the sweetest sound to that person. In your email, use the recipient’s name 3, 4, even 5 times in the message. They will be far more likely to keep reading and responding.

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