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SplashPad helps small businesses draft emails that capture attention and generate sales.

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SplashPad is used by...

E-commerce sellers
Online course creators
Event hosts

to draft emails to customers and prospects that get opened, read, shared, and replied to.

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Start with a pre-written message provided by SplashPad

You get pre-written messages for a wide variety of scenarios.

Perform cold outreach
Announce a new product
Offer a sale or discount
Welcome new users
Re-engage users at risk of churning
Pitch a news story to a reporter
Invite readers to an event
And more!

Easily customize the message

SplashPad shows you where to replace key words so the message fits your scenario.

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Use writing techniques that have gotten results in successful email campaigns

SplashPad intelligently recommends sentences that help you get responses and sales. Those sentences use techniques such as...

Social proof
Create scarcity
Create time pressure
Prove value with numbers
Establish empathy
Strong call-to-action
Show benefits instead of features
Encourage virality
Create fear of missing out

Loved by small businesspeople

...whose emails don't get ignored.

My open rate has doubled, my conversions have tripled, and people ask me how I learned to write so well.
Ali — Sells an online course
SplashPad helps me create catchy subjects and enticing promotions that get noticed by my subscribers.
Erin — Runs a Shopify store

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